Money API™ Documentation


The Money API™ allows for customers to make online payments directly from their bank account. This is made possible by AppBrilliance's patented technology that integrates into a checkout page and acts as a middleware layer between the user and their financial institution. The Money API™ will operate the user's bank account and make a direct account-to-account payment where funds are available in near real-time and provide confirmation back to the checkout page.

How To Get Your API Key

All AppBrilliance customers are provided their API keys via their Customer Success Manager. Please fill out the form below to request access to the Money API.

How It Works

The Money API™ is integrated directly into a checkout page via JavaScript. This is achieved by including a JavaScript file into the checkout page and specifying several parameters about a specific transaction. The software is first initialized then invoked through a "Checkout" function. Once the "Checkout" function is invoked, the Money API™ will inject an iframe into the page that will provide a user experience to facilitate the payment and remain present until the payment is completed, canceled by the user, or an error occurs. The outcome of a transaction will be returned to the various event handlers for the "Checkout" function and the iframe will be removed from the host page.

After a transaction completes, data related to the transaction will be available via the "Transactions API". This API provides a REST interface for server-to-server communication where data is returned in JSON format.

Basic Transaction Flow

The following illustrates the flow of a Money API™ transaction.