Money API™ Documentation

Money API™ Integration Examples

This document provides functioning examples of the Checkout function. The examples on this page support "Banco Falso", a fake bank created to support integration testing.

Login Credentials

You can login to Banco Falso with the following:

Username: johndoe

Password: abc123

Checkout Examples

The following examples show the various options related to a standard checkout experience where a transaction amount has already been determined and the Money API is being invoked for immediate payment.

Checkout With No Options Used

This example shows the payment experience where the user is immediately presented with a select menu for the financial institution and the login fields.

Checkout With FIID Passed In

For cases where the host application determines the user's financial institution prior to invoking the Money API™, the unique id of the user's financial institution can be specified in the options of the checkout function using the 'fiid' parameter. The result removes the introductory text and FI selection menu from the login screen and replaces it with a logo of the user's financial institution. This example specifies fiid:'banco-falso' in the options of the checkout function.

Checkout With Launch Screen

The launch screen provides partners with a way to introduce the Money API™ payment solution through a block of custom content and provide access to terms and conditions prior to conducting a transaction. The launch screen is activated by specifying 'showLaunchScreen:true' in the options of the checkout function.